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four more months...

I don't think I have counted the days/weeks for a child's birth like I have counted this time. The initial months are a blur now, but I did spent quite a few days wondering why the time is going slow. Now that I have come out of the phase of constant nausea, life is a bit easier. But then I also realize my strength is being tested quite a bit. I am wondering how many mothers have kids at 35+ age. I am exhausted by the time I reach back home and just crash into the bed for some time before I can get up and say a proper hi to my kids. They are usually busy watching cartoons, so they also don't trouble me much.

My doctor did advise some walk everyday, but I really don't have strength most days. Mostly I end up spending my evening in bed once I return from office and then go to sleep, to wake up exhausted. My kids start school from second week of June and we all need to get up at 630 am to put then in school bus by 730. God save me then...

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